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tv   News  ABC  March 14, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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>> really. >> really, really? >> reporter: okay. that's good to know. this morning, traffic is really moving nicely as you make your way southbound on the 95 corridor between joppa road towards the beltway. we are looking live near white marsh boulevard on 95. volume is picking up. no major delays right now. 695 still remains problem free. going to the maps, we have a couple incidents lingering around the area including an accident in parkville near perring parkway and taylor avenue. a water main break problem in towson near allegany and baltimore avenue. it is open but you will see cones in the roadway. and out in port deposit, route 222 at moore road, that remains closed due to high water and flooding. now back to you. >> kim, thanks. the powerful new images of the tsunami showing how even more enormous boats were helpless against the surge of water. it shows how powerful the tsunami was and how devastating it was to the area. the regular wave last a few
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second and recedes, here you can see the tsunami kept keeps coming and coming lasting 15 -- keeps coming and coming and lasting 15 minutes or more. and people greeted relatives and loved ones who were the first to return from japan by air. hugs and first flights from tokyo arrived in san francisco during the weekend including a tearful reunion between 10-year- old gavin and his father. listen. >> oh, my god. [audio not understandable] >> well many who returned home yesterday were either on their way to the airport in tokyo or at the airport when the quake struck. people at the airport said they were handing out crackers, water and sleeping bags to everyone stuck. the u.s. germany and many other countries are telling people not to travel to japan. many people are trying to get in touch with loved ones. state department set up a hotline to call.
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888-407-4747. you can call or e-mail. if you send an e-mail, put the person's name you are look for and what area of japan they live. you can find that information at you can find ways to help victims of the quake and tsunami. go to the world news section of our website. at 7 years old, attacked by pit bulls while in front of her home. a young girl is in critical condition and neighbors say they are not surprised by the weekend attack. sherrie johnson tells us what happened. >> reporter: charley, today we could learn if the owners of two pit bulls will be charged after a weekend attack on a 7- year-old girl. amanda mitchell was attacked on saturday. neighbors jumped in to help the child's mother get the dogs off amanda. they used sticks and shovels to fight off the dogs. amappeda was bleeding and had lacerations on both sides of --
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amanda was bleeding and had laceration on both sides of her face. doctors say she will survive but it will be a long journey to recovery and will need several surgeries once the swelling goes down. >> she couldn't holler because the voice was ripped away i don't want her to see her face at this point in time. >> reporter: the child was listed in critical condition at last report. animal control officers removed the dogs from the home and we could find out today if the owners will be charged in the case. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. making news around nation, a massachusetts chemical plant exploded shaking nearby homes and injuring four people. state police say that boostic inc. caught on fire last night in middleton. the plant manufactures plastics and adhesives. the state fire marshal says the fire was put out a few hours later. federal investigators are trying to find out what caused a tour bus crash saturday morning in the bronx that left
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14 people dead. the bus was filled with tourists returning from a casino. on sunday, the mt -- ntsb said investigators will look at what the bus driver was doing hours before the crash. the driver apparently lost control. he said he swerved hit a guardrail after being cut off by a truck driver. state police say a gunman shot and killed two sheriff deputies before being killed in the shootout along a rural southwestern virginia road. the deputies were shot yesterday afternoon after the owner of the salage yard reported a confrontation with a man he suspect of trying to rob his business. the suspected shooter ran into a wooded area and was found two hours later he. and the amazing sight on the milwaukee east side. a massive sink hole swallowed two cars near a newly constructed bridge. the sink hole 25 feet wide and 25 feet deep. that is the department of pub hick works crews were out in the area because of reports of low water pressure at same time
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the road collapsed. dpw says it was a 42 inch water main break. check this out. a wedding surprised guest that the groom didn't know was invited. a 250 pound python. the groom is afraid of snakes and his wife thought his wedding reception in front of the wedding party wobt perfect place to -- would be the perfect place to help him confront his fear. they posted the picture with the snake and by the way, that python is one of the largest in the country. >> no. >> that's wrong. >> no. >> kind of mean. >> file for divorce. world's fastest marriage. have you checked your iphone? it might be behind this morning. did you have this problem? >> no but some of you did. there is not an app for daylight savings time. some iphones didn't spring ford. if you are a fan of pope john paul, the second. when you will follow the
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now, good morning maryland." 6:39. iphone can pretty much do anything except tell time. many owners complain the iphone didn't spring forward to daylight savings time and some fell back another hour making them two hours behind. the iphone's clock had trouble on new year's day you may remember at the end of daylight's savings time in november as well. listen to this. the vatican next week will unveil a facebook page. the late pope john paul second and the vatican is not stopping with the pope's facebook page. it's launching a vatican new portal on easter so the
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catholic church can spread the message in 140 characters or less. the new web portal will have contents that are specifically designed to be tweeted, posted and bloged. well, a study is connecting the possibility of depression with fatherhood. the new study shows the number of fathers with depression spank one-year-olds. 40% of depressed fathers say they spanked their kids at that age compared of 13% who weren't desuppressed. depression among fathers is tied town employment rates which are higher than a decade ago. child adult experts warn against spanking of your kids. 20 minutes away from 7 right now. it may not make sense, but the tragedy in japan could save money at gas pump. >> this is a little bizarre. coming up, fears of the unrest in the middle east are matched by the concern in japan and that could actually drop your gas prices. have you been feeling well recently? if you lived in some parts the country, the answer would
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almost certainly be yes. and blue angels will not take over the skies of annapolis. why the same stunt team won'tperform prior to the naval academy's graduation. 6:40. you thought yesterday was nice and it was at 58. look to the south. richmond hit 76. i think that qualifies very, very, very, very nice weather. that's the stuff we have on the way. by friday. stick around for that. what about the traffic. >> reporter: it's mock very, very, very well -- moving very, very, very well. southbound into the tube no major problems on 95. more of your news, weather and traffic coming back on "good morning maryland" after this.
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monday morning this is your abc2 news to g thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> let's kick it off with a check of the forecast and say good morning to justin berk. >> 6:44. let's go to annapolis. i want to show outsun. i can't do that -- you the sun. i can't do that. we turn the clocks back an hour. we have a little bit of
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sunlight off the horizon. a mix of clouds showing up as well. 36 degrees. yes, this is when you are feeling the benefits if you will of daylight savings time because we will push that sun back an extra hour and by this afternoon, we will be into the sun. and you will enjoy it until this evening. currently 38 in edgemere and 38 in owings mills and a day that starts off chilly but goes for a high of 50 with the sunshine later on. let's talk about traffic with kim. >> reporter: thanks. right now, there is traffic to talk about. looking live at the beltway, the west side of the outer loop near liberty road, the volume delays are slowing things down a bit -- slowing things down a bit. no major issues right now around 695. we have an accident in crofton at crane highway and johns hopkins road dealing with an accident in wise avenue at mark boulevard and the water main break issue in towson, i will tell you more in a few moments. >> this morning, a japanese
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government official confirmed another explosion at a nuclear reactor building. fears of radiation and the threat of more earthquakes. linda joins us with more on the rescue efforts going on right now. >> reporter: weg, -- well, they are look for curs survivors but finding more podies. -- for survivors but are find morgue bodies instead. this morning, a japanese police official says 1,000 bodies washed ashore in one of the areas hardest hit by the tsunami. he thinks 10,000 people died in his province alone. overnight, there was another explosion at the fukushima nuclear plant sending a cloud of smoke into the air. it's the second explosion in three days. 11 people were -- eleven people were hurt and it's unclear whether readation leaked. new -- radiation leaked. waves kept coming lasting for about 15 minutes and devouring everything in its path.
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for survivors, anxiety is growing. getting the basic necessities is becoming nearly impossible. >> we are at a reactor tipping point. either over the next 24 to 48 hours, they are going a get control of the reactors, or they will get meltdown at one or more reactors, a competely unprecedented situation. >> reporter: so the situation in japan is constantly being updated. that death toll is going up. on, we have posted a special section on the earthquake in japan if you click on it in the slide show. it will bring you to this page and we have eye witnesses accounts, a link to how to help earthquake victims as they try to recover their, also if you scroll down we have new video posted and latest on what's going on there. but, again, overnight that death toll went up. a thousand people we are hearing were found their bodies were found washed-up ashore in the hardest hit regions. one official says they expect the death toll to reach tens of
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thousands. linda so, abc2 news. many people are trying to get in touch with loved ones in japan. state department has established a hotline for you. 888-407-4747. you can send an e-mail to pacific tsunami usc at if you send an e-mail, put the person's name you are looking for and what area of japan in which they are located. and as we watch what's going on in japan especially at the nuclear power plants you can't help but wonder here because we have peach bottom to the north and calvert cliffs to the south. mark sullivan a. spokesperson for constellation energy says the plants are designed to with stand any events such as an earthquake. up in pennsylvania, peach bottom, those who live near the plant told the york daily record no worries they have full trust in the people who work there because they said they are our neighbors. 42-year-old -- a 42-year- old man is charged with kill his estranged wife in manhattan
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and is caught in millersville. michael kenny was in the area visiting relatives. he was found in a stolen truck. after a slow speed chase in millersville, he was arrested. police used stop particulars and a shotgun to make the arrest. he was charged with stabbing his estranged wife to death in a new york city hair salon. it's 6:49. baltimore city police are investigating a triple shooting that least 19-year-old woman dead in northeast baltimore. it happened saturday night around 6 near the 1100 block of gorsuch avenue. 19-year-old tanise ervin and two others were shot leaving a deli and were taken to a hospital. ervin later died. the other two are listed in stable condition. a fallout continues in wisconsin over the law restricting the bargaining rights of most state employees. tens of thousands of demonstrators protested at the state capitol on saturday and the protesters rallied just one day after republican governor walker signed the law.
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walker says the measure will help the state close a budget shortfall but democrats consider the plan an attack on workers rights. and today huge crowds are expected annapolis for a rally there. unions that oppose state pension reform will gather by the statehouse major road if front of the capitol is expected to be closed today. and the senate president is now warning senators to get to the session early. the rally is the same day the senate is expected to vote on a bill to allow in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. that starts at 6. the final vote on the redistricting plan for schools in harford county is expected to happen tonight. now it's supposed to be last month but the board made changes at meeting and now they wanted the parents to take a look at it before they voted. the changes include boundary rants for youth benefit as well as fountain green elementary allowing more students to stay at both schools. the meeting begins at 7 tonight and watch abc2 news at 11 to
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find out what happened in the wake of that vote. 6:50. japan's tragedy could result in lower prices at the gas pump. since the end of february, fasts price surged -- gas prices surged up and the average price for a gallon of gas right now tops $3.55. some suspect the situation in japan may result in the prices dropping here at home. analyst say anxiety over the unrest in the middle east has driven up the prices higher but after friday's earthquake, they could actually go down. lots of honking of horns at joppa and ebenezer in perry hall. signs rate beep if you don't want the -- signs that read beep if you don't want the gas tax. we don't need a gas tax to help pay for the transportation funds. and there's another idea floating around annapolis. spread the 10 cent increase
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over several years. and there's an app to help you find the cheapest gas. teamed with up gas so plug in your zip code and there will be a list of the cheapest gas around your area. you can find it by going to the traffic tab and clicking on gas prices on the drop down menu on a little sports. for the first time in 17 years shall the terps will not be playing in the post season. hopes of making the nc-a amount tournament vanished when the duke blue devils beat up on maryland 87-71 friday night. maryland 19-14 on the year did not receive a bid to the nit and gary williams turned down a bit bid to play in a smaller tournament called the cbi. you might be spending sometime at work today filling out those brackets. megan you filling one out? >> no. >> please? >> no. i never do. >> come on. a few simple things to know if you are going to do it. four number ones are ohio
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state, duke, kansas and pittsburgh. once the seeding begins in 1979, only would -- only once hains has all four made it to the final four. the the tournament begins with a play-in games kick off tomorrow night. 6:53 right now. there's going to be a notable change to the naval academy commissioning week festivities next week. the blue angels are will perform air stunts and they are not perform in annapolis. naval academy official scheduled graduation ceremony next year on may 29th which is a tuesday. this is to prevent traffic jams on friday before memorial day. the blue angels have a scheduling conflict but say they will fly over during graduation. are you living in one of the sickest cities? great news if you live here in baltimore. you are in the clear. online news sites the daily bee compiled a list of the nation's sickest places when it comes to the flu. they named dateon oh high --
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dateon ohio as the sick -- dayton ohio and tampa bay, mobile alabama, san diego and jacksonville florida round out top five. editors used positive flu test rates vaccination numbers and the length of the knew season among criteria. closest to us, the nation's capital. washington dc at number 13 on the list. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> good morning. 6:54. you may want to fake sick by the end of the week. we will have beautiful weather by friday. until then, a chill is in the air. 32 this morning. baltimore 32 state college. but the tale of two stories. under partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. they will get snow. snow sliding its way from a little disturbance through new york and pennsylvania. that adds morning clouds and there may be a flurry watching the trajectory here passing towards maybe northern carroll county this morning.
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that's just a sign of a disturbance of the north that keeps us with morning clouds and afternoon sun. next weather system spinning its wheels and work itself out across the heartland that. will travel to the north and may help to reenhance another storm that rides right on top us wednesday morning. that gives us rain basically we are on the warm side of things. it will mostly be rain as opposed to there was a hint last week. we talked about this traveling to the south. and that would have begin us a chance of wintery weather. behind that, much warmer temperatures. storm track will take this bulk of moisture later tomorrow but definitely by wednesday morning it's going to be a wet ride in. and beyond that, we warm things up. it's pie day. 3:14, bring pie to your math teacher. 50 degrees today. we are looking at temperatures tonight after clearing out back down to freezing. and tomorrow we warm it back up a little bit to about 52. that seasonable with late day showers. not an all day rain event. a better chance of rain tuesday night into wednesday morning. 58 wednesday afternoon. st. patrick's day 65.
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and 74 that's the very, very nice day on friday. kim. >> reporter: justin, right now, traffic not totally terrible. going out the door, you won't find too many major incidents. we have a few hiccups on the side roads and secondary streets. at the beltway, traffic is moving well on both loops. some volume delays just slowdowns because there's a lot of people. but no major incidents right now to hold you up around the baltimore beltway. 695 or on the 83s. going to the maps, an accident reported in dundalk at wise avenue and merit boulevard. mlk at farette street and allegany and baltimore avenue, cones are in the roadway and crofton an accident crane highway at johns hopkins and flooding in port deposit closing route 222 at moore road. now back to you. >> we want to remind you it's ms awareness week. we will talk about it at nine. >> we are be wailing -- we will be wearing orange throughout the week to commemorate that.
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